Myths About Car Insurance Coverage

Myths About Car Insurance Coverage

Myths About Car Insurance Coverage 574 379 Evergreen Protect

When you purchase a new car, you need auto insurance to protect your vehicle against damage and theft while safeguarding your bank account from unexpected expenses. However, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding having auto insurance. Here, we’ll look at a few common myths about car coverage and its truth.

Myth: Accident claims increase your premium rates.
While it’s true that an incident claim might impact your rates, one accident doesn’t skyrocket your premiums instantly. Insurance companies will look at how often you file claims to determine your premium.

Myths: You spend more to insure expensive cars.
Your vehicle price tag doesn’t determine your insurance costs. However, the vehicle model’s loss history, the cost to repair your car, and other factors can influence your premium.

Myth: Your premium will be higher if you have a red car.
This is not true because most insurance companies will not ask for the color of your car when insuring. Instead, insurers base their premium rates on the car’s make, model, age, current market value, engine size, etc.

Myth: If a friend drives my car, they will be accountable for the damages they cause.
If you give your car to a friend to drive, make sure they have a solid driving history. While some insurance companies will cover damage if they get involved in an accident, and some won’t cover it.

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