Comprehensive Insurance Coverage For Your Car

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage For Your Car

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage For Your Car 569 368 Evergreen Protect

When looking for a good deal on car insurance, you may hear some insurers suggesting you should go for comprehensive insurance coverage. But what exactly is the comprehensive insurance coverage? And how is it different from standard car insurance?

What is the comprehensive insurance coverage?
Comprehensive coverage protects your car against incidents, not accidents, and covers non-collision-related damage to your vehicle.

What does comprehensive car insurance cover?
This policy covers a long list of likely incidents that collision coverage doesn’t. They protect your car from things like falling objects, theft, fire, vandalism, natural disasters, damage done by animals, weather damage, damage from strikes, riots, demonstrations, and other forms of civil disorder.

Remember that a comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover lost income, legal fees, and medical expenses due to an accident.

Is there a limit to comprehensive car insurance coverage?
Yes. It’s either the replacement cost or the cash value of your vehicle.

Why should I buy comprehensive car insurance coverage?
Having extra protection gives you peace of mind when things go wrong is good, but you should think about getting comprehensive insurance coverage if:

  • You have mature trees on your property.
  • You drive in an area with high odds of hitting an animal.
  • You live in an area where theft and vandalism are common.
  • Your house is situated in a neighborhood prone to natural disasters.
  • You have a luxury car that would be challenging to replace out-of-pocket.