What Should You Do When You Lost Health Insurance

What Should You Do When You Lost Health Insurance

What Should You Do When You Lost Health Insurance 561 371 Evergreen Protect

American spends thousands of dollars on medical expenses every year. Therefore, getting a health insurance plan to cover your medical expenses is far more affordable than paying out-of-pocket. However, it’s easy for a divorce or job loss to leave you without health insurance coverage. So what do I need to do when I lose health insurance coverage?

Loss Due to Losing Your Job

Loss of a job is a popular reason why most people find themselves without health insurance. People in this condition need a short-term plan to bridge the gap until they get another job. Anyone who had employer’s insurance before can sign up for COBRA coverage. This is a federal government program to continue coverage until you find another job or a new policy. However, you will be the one to pay for the premium.

Loss Due to Divorce

The end of a marriage would mean the end of health insurance coverage if you were on a joint health insurance plan. It’s legally mandated to dissolve a joint health insurance plan after a divorce. COBRA also comes to the rescue here again. If you wish to stay on the policy, COBRA allows you to pay for it and stay up to three years.

Loss Due to Cancellation

Sometimes health insurance companies cancel their plans, but this is very rare. The insurance company must allow you to sign up for any of their other health insurance plans or check the marketplace for new policies from other insurers.

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