Homeowners Insurance And Roof Storm Damage

Homeowners Insurance And Roof Storm Damage

Homeowners Insurance And Roof Storm Damage 573 383 Evergreen Protect

We all take our roofs for granted until a fallen tree or storm makes a mess. If you notice any roof damage, you’ll want to file an insurance claim to reduce out-of-pocket costs. To ensure you are prepared for this unfortunate event, we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions about roof storm damage.

How can I know if my home roof has storm damage?
Wind damage can cause the roof shingles to blow off the deck, resulting in leaks. So you’ll see broken and missing shingles as well as roof leaks as a sign of roofing damage.

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my roof storm damage?
While the right answer to this question depends on your policy, most homeowners insurance covers:

  • Hail and wind damage.
  • Damage from fallen objects.
  • Interior and exterior damage from storm damage.

What do I need to do after roof damage?

  • Take videos and pictures before any cleanup.
    Consider taking photos and videos of the damaged roof from a storm before you hire a contractor begin any cleanup. Ensure you or your contractor document the scene with pictures and videos before cleaning up or repairing.
  • Prevent further damage
    Consider temporary roof repairs to prevent further damage and protect your most valuable asset.
  • File a claim
    After this process, it’s time to contact your insurance company and submit a claim.


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