How Marriage Impacts Insurance Coverage

How Marriage Impacts Insurance Coverage

How Marriage Impacts Insurance Coverage 576 381 Evergreen Protect

When you’re engaged, you hear plenty of marital advice from people. But you may not hear anyone talk about insurance. Insurance coverage isn’t the first thing on your mind as you register for gifts and plan to go on a honeymoon. However, insurance is an essential topic to consider when you and your partner tie the knot. Should you buy new policies or add your spouse to your policies?

How Does Marriage Affect Your Insurance?

Marriage does affect insurance but in a good way. Getting married may help you save money in these areas!

Auto Insurance
With auto insurance, you’ll have the option to keep different insurance policies, though combining policies will save you money. However, when combining auto insurance policies, if one or both of you don’t have a good driving record, this could affect your premium. Regardless, it is crucial to update your auto insurance policy to reflect your marital status and ensure you and your partner is covered.

Homeowners Insurance
You must update your homeowner’s or renter’s policy once married. If you purchase your first home together, you can bundle your home insurance policies, which will save you money! However, you need to talk with your agent about updating your marital status and adding your spouse to your homeowner’s insurance policy if your spouse is moving into a home, you already own.

Health insurance
If you’re getting health insurance through your employee, speak with the HR representative about your change in marital status. You should be able to make changes to your policy since marriage is considered a qualifying life event. This will save you and your spouse money on the same policy.

Life insurance
Getting life insurance is essential. If you have a life insurance policy before getting married, you need to update your policy to list your spouse.