Why You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Why You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Why You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage 574 378 Evergreen Protect

When involved in a car accident, the responsible party must pay for the damages. But what happens when the responsible driver doesn’t have auto insurance coverage? Will you receive a settlement for your damages? This is where Uninsured (UM) motorist coverage comes in.

What Is Uninsured Motorist Insurance?

An uninsured (UM) motorist protects you if the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough auto insurance or no insurance to cover your damages. This coverage gives you confidence that you will get compensation even if the other driver doesn’t have mandatory car insurance.

Why Do I Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Before answering this question, you need to ask yourself if you can afford the cost of repairing your car and any medical or hospital bills incurred. If you can afford the cost, good luck. However, if covering the expenses will make you struggle financially, having uninsured motorist coverage can helps protect you against that dreadful situation.

Here’s why you should include Uninsured Motorist coverage in your policy.

  • It covers the medical expenses of you and your passengers when an uninsured motorist is at-fault in an accident.
  • It covers the cost of repairing your car when involved in a crash with a driver who does not have insurance.
  • This coverage also protects you again hit-and-run accidents.
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